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Villa Bianca offers the Maestro Zeffirelli Suite, the most spacious and prestigious of the whole property, and including the rooms in which he used himself to live and work. Comprising a drawing room, dining room, three bedrooms, considered as three independent suites, and a bathroom, the Maestro Zeffirelli Suite boasts several terraces.

Most of the furnishings, selected to pay tribute to the great Italian filmmaker, are unique: furniture in Louis XVI style, marvellous lamps by Orsina Sforza, appliques and lights by Van Der Straeten and a beautiful dining table of American design, with original and iconic seating from the 1970s by Pantonova.

The main bedroom on the first floor is furnished with Syrian mother-of-pearl furniture that used to belong to Zeffirelli himself, while the bathroom is adorned with Carrara marble, gold decoration, a bathtub with a view of the sea and a large shower cubicle. The other two bedrooms on the upper floor, each with their own bathrooms, are distinguished by different décor: the first in an alternation of white and blue split by a bright red, original floors, a private terrace overlooking the sea and a frieze dating from 1781; the second in soft white that adds to its luminosity, and decorated with a rich collection of Sicilian ceramics. Both offer breathtaking views that immediately impart a sense of peace and harmony.


The Callas e Tosca Suite includes two separate bedrooms, both with their own bathrooms, overlooking a Mediterranean garden bursting with green.

Maria Callas was one of the most illustrious guests of Villa Tre Ville, and Tosca provided one of her most celebrated roles. The dominant feature in this double suite is light: mirrors, Vietri terracotta tiles and furnishings create unusual plays of chiaroscuro.

Also of note are the arabesques decorating the bathroom of the Callas, the shower cubicle of the Tosca and the unusual bed-head depicting the sun and its rays, a tribute to Antoni Gaudì and to Zeffirelli.



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