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The Downes Suite takes its name from the American journalist, Donald Downes, who entrusted Zeffirelli with Tre Ville. A light-blue colour and transparency are the characteristics of the ethereal Downes suite, echoing the tones of water.

An element that can be perceived in every detail: from the crystal and semiprecious stones used for the lamps in the drawing rooms and bedroom to the majolica in the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea and the antique glass phials adorning the niches around the welcoming and luxurious bathtub.


The first floor houses the Diaghilev Suite named after Sergei Diaghilev, a regular guest of Villa Tre Ville and founder of the Ballets Russes, which saw the launch to fame of many leading dancers and choreographers, including the brilliant Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky.

The suite is characterised by collages of seashells and small antiques. The view is the focus around which the interiors revolve: a masterly play of mirrors makes the spectacle of the sea and nature visible even from the bathroom.


The Massine Suite, dedicated to the Russian dancer and choreographer, Leonide Massine, is striking for its earth colours and impeccable combination of 19th-century furnishings, typical of the Sorrentino tradition and Neapolitan style, and characterised by its painted ceilings and polychrome majolica floors. This eclectic suite comprises an elegant drawing room and large bedroom, from which there is access to a majestic Roman-style bathroom on the floor beneath.

Care for details is evident everywhere: lights and lamps made by hand, selected marbles and mosaics and a large bathtub positioned in the most panoramic corner offering an exclusive view of Positano.

The suite is decorated with a fine work by local artist Paolo Sandulli: a terracotta bust showing the Chinese conjuror that is the protagonist of Massine’s Parade.



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